Commercial Air Conditioning in Newcastle & The Hunter

commercial-air-conditioning-newcastleHere at FernAir, we have been engaged in providing, installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter for over 20 years. Some may think that this is a long time, but to us it has flown by. One of the reasons is that we love our work. We have provided commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter, and worked with many wonderful clients, each different and all with different needs. Our work is therefore dynamic and so is our approach to work.

Our aim is to ensure that every new commercial client feels like they are our only client. They get to speak to our expert team and when they need to, from the initial quote right up until the work is done. If there is ever a question to ask, we always have somebody ready to answer it, and problems are resolved without question.

We are looking forward to many more years providing commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter, and the only way to do this is to carry on working with the same commitment to our clients. We are looking to build on our reputation but always maintain the same. We consider ourselves the number one provider of commercial air conditioning in Newcastle, but it doesn’t matter what we think. More importantly, our customers consider us the number one.

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In business, a happy employee is a great employee. It is shown that a working environment can impact heavily on the happiness of staff. Commercial air conditioning can be something that an employer can install, at relatively little expense, whilst gaining huge returns. If a worker feels comfortable, then they will work harder, and won’t spend time complaining about how warm they are. Employers can utilise the implantation of air conditioning as a reward for productivity, or for targets, and the staff will feel appreciated.

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Commercial Air Conditioning

As the experts in commercial air conditioning, and as locals to Newcastle and the Hunter, our role is to ensure that you are given all the information that you need in order to ensure that you make the correct decision for you and for your company.

We could share technical lingo, but we are sure you do not want this. Suffice to say that you have options, and we will help guide your decision to selecting the right one.

There are ducted systems, where a central duct, hidden in a false ceiling or floor, removes the warm air and replaces it. Beneficially, the ducting system can creates zones, where individual zones can all be different to each other. For a larger commercial air conditioning system, this may be the most suitable for you. Split systems, are individual solutions to each room, are quiet, economical and may be best suited if for example you only want air conditioning in the meeting room or office.

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Commercial Air Conditioning Services

At FernAir, we do not consider that any installation is finished until the client is 100% happy.

Our work is professional and technologically advanced, but even post installation we are looking to maintain are very high standards.

This is why we are proud to be known as the number one firm for servicing in commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the. We want to ensure that your next year’s enjoyment of the air conditioning system is as pleasurable and beneficial to your business as your last year.

We install the best systems, and we maintain them to our own high standards. For further details on our services, call the team on 02 4962 3600 or email

We look forward to hearing from you.