Air Conditioning Service in Newcastle & The Hunter

air-conditioning-service-newcastleOver 20 years, we at FernAir have been the leading firm in air conditioning service in Newcastle and the Hunter. This 20 years has been great for us, and we have enjoyed each and every moment, from installations to repairs and servicing. The main reason that we have enjoyed the work is you, our clients.

Each client is an opportunity for us to show off our talents, to deliver to them a bespoke, technologically advanced and beneficial air conditioning service. This has covered both residential homes and businesses, from small scale to very large scale. Each client is unique and each is as important as the last and as important as the next. We have been able to service air conditioning across Newcastle and the Hunter, and because we too are from the region, it makes us proud.

Why service your air conditioning?

Throughout this fantastic period, what we have noticed is that, like most things, the better they are looked after, the better they keep going. Our systems are fantastic, they are based around leading edge technology.

However, no matter how advanced things are, it is always best to check them from time to time. We do not wait for our car engine to stop working before we check the oil levels, that would be silly, and air conditioning too needs a check-up from time to.

Because we are the leading firm in air conditioning servicing in Newcastle and the Hunter, we would always recommend that you speak to us about your servicing needs and requirements. To do so is easy, you can elect to call us on 02 4962 3600 or you can email us at

Newcastle air conditioning service

Air conditioning service is something that we consider easy, but that is only because we have taken the time and investment to train all of our staff to understand all elements of air conditioning, from installation to repair and servicing.

All elements are interchangeable and our staff are fully rounded in their education. This helps you, because all jobs can be dealt with straight away, and by smaller teams of engineers. The successful resolution of the job is key to your continued enjoyment of the air conditioning system. You do not want to have someone come and service your system who couldn’t install or repair your system, they may do all sorts of damage; you want the best trained engineers and technicians who are able to ensure the continuous workings of the air conditioning system.

Our client base is growing and the reason is simple, we do what we do to the highest possible standard, no shortcuts or cheats, instead, only the very best highly skilled workforce, using the top tools and parts available to ensure that your air conditioning system works as well as it did when you first used it.

There is no replacement for experience, training, knowledge and skill and throughout our team we have only the very best in all areas. We view the 20 years that we have been in business as a learning curve, and we continue to learn. As a local firm we are able to relate to the community we serve, as we live within that same community. Our work is evidence of our commitment to be the best, to another 20 years and then another and so on. We will never rest on our reputation, we will only look to raise our standards, improve our communications and knowledge so that the next customer gets the same standard of service as our very first, the best in Newcastle and the Hunter.

Once you have become a client of FernAir, you will forever remain a client. We will look to ensure that the service we give you today, is the best we can possibly give. This is why we see ourselves as the leading firm in air conditioning repair in Newcastle and the Hunter. We always push ourselves to improve, we do not sit back and rest on our laurels, to do so would be foolish. We want to maintain our position at the top, not in our own eyes but in the eyes of those that matter most, you, our fantastic clients.

To discuss air conditioning service in Newcastle and the Hunter please call our team on 02 4962 3600 or email us

We look forward to welcoming you.