Air Conditioning Repair in Newcastle & The Hunter

air-conditioning-repair-newcastleEven though at FernAir, we are the number one firm in residential and commercial air conditioning in Newcastle and the Hunter, we know that things can go wrong. To us, once you have been a client of FernAir, you will always be a client of ours and will forever receive the standard of client care that you received when you first picked up the phone to call us.

So, in addition to our installation skills, we are the number one in air conditioning repair in Newcastle and the Hunter. Some things are always out of our control, and things can go wrong without the fault of any party. But how we view the matter is completely different to our competitors. We do not sit back and say “it’s your unit, not our problem”, that would be wrong and completely against everything that we believe in. We look to always provide an answer to the problem, one that will remedy the issue as soon as possible, and keep you, our client, happy.

In these times, it is always best to rely on the experts to resolve your repair needs. We do not believe in the simple quick fixes that some do. We only believe in remedying the problem until the whole air conditioning system is up and working as good as new.

At all times throughout this process you will be kept up to date. You will have a contact to call on 02 4962 3600 or email This will keep you assured that the problem is being dealt with. There are no faceless call centres with FernAir, only our local and expertly trained staff to speak to. Our staff will guide you on the processes involved in the air conditioning repair and give a step by step solution and timescale for the same.

We are local to the Newcastle and Hunter region. Our business has grown over the last 20 years based on our commitment to client care and customer service. We install a huge number of systems, and each installation is bespoke. Each has its own problems and difficulties, but rather than just solve them an move on, our working practices mean that we can bank this information and make use of it in the future, we are therefore always one step (at least) ahead of any competition.

Our familiarity with our installation processes and technology and systems mean that we are able to think backwards from a problem to solve it and repair it in the shortest possible time. We understand that you have residential or commercial air conditioning for a reason, so we always ensure that the time spent without it is minimised.

The last thing that you want when you have a problem is an amateur who does not really have a clue, someone who may just take a guess and could in all likelihood make things even worse. You want the experts, you want FernAir. You will get highly trained professional and adept technicians and assistants to talk to and to trust in. If you want air conditioning repair in Newcastle and the Hunter then the best people to go to are the best people i.e. Fern Air. We are the ideal solution to an unfortunate problem.

If you have a problem or a repair enquiry for your system then you should not hesitate to contact us and let us, the experts and leading firm in our field, resolve it for you. You can contact us by telephone on 02 4962 3600 or via email at There really is no problem that we cannot fix for you.

So do not waste your precious time trying other numbers or other firms, just go straight to the best, the number one air conditioning repair in Newcastle and the Hunter.